Friday, March 07, 2008

So I found it so ironic last week when I happened to turn on the T.V., a very rare occurrence these days, and was amazed to see my 'people' on the screen. They are airing the beginning of a series called "The Tudors", for ShowTime. Dont you just love it. Of course they have their own site. This is just one of those things to get you hooked and then, of course, you have to purchase ShowTime to follow through with the series. However, it was very fun to see how their crew has staged and costumed the show!

Also, "The Other Boleyn Girl" by Phillipa Gregory will be coming, or has come (I told you I don't keep up with media) to the big screen. Must be a time for looking back to supposed grandeur. Now I have only provided links to the popular cultures renditions of these events. There is plenty of real research, texts and fictional books, such as Phillipa Gregory's out there you can explore and I promise it could keep you very busy.

So here I have included my work and how it is proceeding. I am almost finished with Henry.
Just some final tweaking to be done. I have also included a couple images of how one of these works gets started as I am about to start yet another.