Thursday, April 16, 2009


Trying to keep up with this is like a double edged sword. I love to do it but if I do I am loosing time for the other work, such as my art, planning for classes, life etc. So anyway, sorry for such lack in posting. I have been up to a few things and thought I would just post a few images this time. First and foremost, I have designed and worked collaboratively with children from my children's school to create a quilt for their auction.

The main image, the flourish, was sketched on by me while the quilt top was whole. I then divided it into six large rectangles. Then each couple of children were given one large section to paint with fabric paint.

The birds and insects were drawn and then an inkjet transfer was done to affix the image to fabric, fused and then hand-appliqued for stability. Each medallion was hand-embroidered around with blanket stitch and each name was hand-embroidered with back stitch.

Lots of Work, Lots of Love!


Here is some of the personal work I have been doing, which is minor in comparison as this took much time!