Monday, November 26, 2007


Well, it seems I am having trouble keeping up these days. Lately, I have spent all my free time working. Well, and turkey day of course. So, I have a couple of events about town where you can see my work and enjoy a good time. The White Canvas gallery has a couple of my pieces hanging, as well as, an assortment of very fine artists. Show is November 17th - Janurary 2nd. You could also slip on over to LaDiff furnishings which is always fun! Also, if you haven't heard Art Karma is coming. This is a silent auction fundraiser for Art 180 - "young people turning lives and communities around through art'. I have a piece in the auction. The auction is November 29th, 7-10pm. Enjoy!
I have also added some new images of my work BOUND. Almost finished now!

Monday, November 12, 2007


These works really evolve in such tiny steps but once the whole is completed it is cohesive...I hope. Here are some detail photos of what I am working on now and a bit more of my how I proceed with planning and execution.Here is a detail of some sequins and beads on the bodice of the dress.
Beading on the neck piece.
Hand stitched lettering. This is taking a LONG time!

An excerpt from my journal:
"BOUND" 11/12/07

I wanted to add text. I first thought I would do this on the boning (which is not added yet) but for many reasons this idea wont work. I remembered that 16th century portraits sometimes incorporated text. So, I have done some light research on the web. Most seem to incorporate the date with Roman numerals. It seems as if the sitters name, birth date, and portrait artists name are occasionally included. Sometimes it is a philosophical statement or something written by a notable (man) of the time. I chose to use a proverb supposedly first known to be used in the 16th or 17th century. "Silence is a womans best friend'. I chose to reproduce this, the date and my initials in Latin.

Friday, November 02, 2007

After I told my oldest girl, "You are famous you are on my blog", my youngest immediately said...."Am I on your blog?" So here she is.

Well, the embellishment on the previous piece is going very this kind of beading I thought I would post the dresses I am making for my two little girls. The hem is not finished so it look very long. The girls will be flower girls at my sisters upcoming wedding. I will tell you, I am very happy with the results but the process was difficult. Thank goodness my mother was helping. The gathering of the satin and tulle just about killed me! That really stretched my patience. Some tedious tasks I don't mind....that was not one of them! Hope you love them Paloma!!