Saturday, June 30, 2007


I have been thinking lately about the difference in a couple of terms I hear people use all the time; Finding time verse Making time. I think people should be aware that there is a very big difference between the two. Finding time leaves you at the mercy of a life that just keeps rolling. It is like trying to jump onto a moving roller coaster. At least that is my experience. On the other hand making time leaves you in control. This is the way I prefer. I believe it starts with trying to adjust your terminology. Start telling people you are making time for something. Positive thinking is the biggest part of the battle. I also actually put stuff like laundry onto my calender on a particular day. That way it is in the schedule and I have made time to do it. The biggest challenge for me has been making the time being that I have a family and many other obligations so I find that if it is personal or exercise time I am trying to make time for I have to make it really early or after bed times.

I have to recommend this! Doing some serious exercise before half the world is up is amazing and gratifying! A bonus is seeing the sun come up and the mist rise from the grasses. I mean really, how often can you feel like you are in a Henry David Thoreau novel!

So the challenge for today or this week is: MAKE TIME TO DO SOMETHING FOR YOU. You will feel better and when you feel better you want to do more of the same. Its like a drug!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Well, I thought I may be done and now I see the photographed images I am not as confident. I see some issues but I am not going to mention them because I need some objective advise. Let me know your thoughts about this piece. It could be anything. You could tell me you hate it and that would be fine but at least let me know why! I gave multiple vieiws so you could get a clearer idea of what it looks like. Okay, so done but not really done. Please send some thoughts!

Monday, June 25, 2007

CURTAIN TIME (ALMOST)I have included not only a photo of the work but also some of the environment it is in so you can see the process I am using to complete this work. Sometimes I feel as if the wooden frame the quilt is now halfway stretched on is like a dressmakers mannequin.
I am draping the curtains around the frame and will secure everything together when I have finished. In this way if I need to add or subtract anything at this point I can do it without harming the piece. The small image on the left is a bit blurry but if I use the flash it fades out the color of the fabric used in the trim. I took a detail of the trim so you can see the pleating,color and texture of the fabric. The trim has taken many hours! It was tedious but very gratifying. I love the way it is turning out. I have a few more fun details left to accomplish but will leave them a surprise. At this point I am so pleased with the way this work has come to fruition!

Friday, June 22, 2007


To an outsiders view my pace may seem like it is slowing down but really it is just slow work! I am now box pleating trim. This is tedious but believe it or not I am digging it. The effect is so cool. I am not too sure how it will look once it is on the faux curtains, but I am hoping I like it considering all the work going into it. I'm sure I'll make it work somewhere.
The photos to the left show some of the stages involved with this pleating. First I iron each long piece so it is easier to make very small hems. After they are hemmed I mark out half inch marks on the back side of the fabric as guidelines for my pleats. Next I fold each pleat and iron each as I go along. You can images the scene in my house as I attempt this during the day with my young children running around and interrupting every five minutes :). Quite funny really! After all the hand pleating and ironing is done I baste to hold the pleats steady. I will fill you in on the rest as soon as it is accomplished, hopefully in this century.

So anyway, I love historical costume sites because these people really know what they are doing! So much research and all I have to do is click on their site. Can't beat that. Check this one out; for box pleating. Also, if you are cruising around and wasting a Friday night, check out this cool dress. The detail at the neck reminds me of box pleating. Heaven of Gowns has some amazing dresses and stuff.
I didn't mention on my last post the site of the Virginia Museum Studio school in case anyone wanted that link. It is; Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Just hit the link for education and it will bring you to a site where you can find out about the Studio school.

Monday, June 18, 2007


I wanted to include an image that indicates how this piece will be finished off. I am framing these "quilted portraits". I will probably change that up in the next piece but for now I am happy with it. The detail shot is of one of the vertical ribbons that runs from the top of the piece down to one of the girls. It is actually two ribbons sewed to the foundation fabric and then hand beaded up the middle of the ribbons. Sorry about the lighting...had trouble getting the detail because of the sheen. I haven't mastered this camera. I have a few minor details to do and then "Girls" will be almost finished!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hi to all of you I just met. I have participated in a great workshop here in Richmond Virginia. We took a surface design workshop with Diego Sanchez this weekend. Tons of exciting new ideas. It is amazing that one person can be such a fountain of information and creativity! Just so some of the people that were at the workshop with me can see some more of my work I have added some new detail (upclose) shots of some of process.

I have also included some of the fun work I did at the workshop. Thanks Diego!
Unfortuntely, these do not capture all the textures and detail that are so wonderful. The surface textures are amazing.
The top one here has a beeswax finish that is so etheral.
Many different techniques are used in the painting on the top. A detail is shown on bottom. It is done in oil paint that is scratched and scumbled. Also used is ink and a liquid used in asphalt repair! I wish I could remember the name of the artist we used to imitate. Does any one from class remember?

The piece above is not yet finished and I am looking forward to adding many more layers and depth to this piece.

Monday, June 04, 2007

As you can see I have been doing some work on this piece. It is not going as fast as I had hoped but I sort of have two jobs. Raising the family seems to be the one that wins out most of the time....why is that?? One to think about. Anyway, the portrait is primarily done. If you are observant you may have noticed I cut them from their painted background. This actually caused me to pause with scissors in hand for a moment. Once the fist snip was made I just went fast and was pleased with the result. Part of making this work for me is about letting go of preconceived notions of how things should be done/created. Cutting my portrait was very cathartic. After I have pieced the whole thing together I will add finishing touches to the portrait. I have pieced the sides to the pleated middle and have free-motion stitched the girls to the background. I added ribbon to their stomach sashes in order to balance color, and in their sleeves. Again, having to cut the portrait. Yeaks! ...but I love it.

I have tried to include some dress making techniques and think the ribbon in the sleeves is very child like so suites the piece. In this photo you can see a detail of the ribbon work on the sleeve.