Friday, July 27, 2007


So, I did not really make too many changes when we moved into our new house two years ago. Of course, I assumed I would get right to making the house the way I wanted it but life charged on and I made no changes. I have had plenty of plans and good intentions but I set this summer as time to get something accomplished. I have gotten to work and have something to show for it now. I have nearly completed some valances and painted a writing desk. See for yourself. The valances were a very fun and realitivly quick project. The hardest part was running around with two kids trying to find the right fabrics and trims for the right price.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

It is amazing how when I have a goal in my mind and I reach it after that I am at a complete loss. It is usually a few days to a week before I can regain any momentum again. I have completed what I wanted in my art for now and have been working on the 'business' part....filling out forms and creating CD's to send to galleries. It is amazing how boring this can be after putting so much thought and effort into 'pieces'. I guess it has to be done but I feel like I suffer in the interim. My brain fills with ideas but I don't want to start new projects before I finish the 'business' of what has to be done. I just have to hope that it is fruitful and I can get a show because the event is the best! Anyway, I am in that interim and have been doing some house projects to fill the creative time I need to keep me going. Maybe I'll post a few of these. I do have to say my house benefits in times like these. After this hiatus I will definitely be back to the 'pieces'. I have plenty of ideas and am working a few out. Very excited for the near future. Sorry to bore you! Back to business as usual soon.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Did the 13!!!!! For all those in the know. I am hurting today :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


This was a weekend project. I had been in the fabric store several weeks back for one thing or another and came across this great fabric. I have been wanting a summer dress and decided this would be great. What do you think? I am pleased and I am feeling more confident with my sewing skills. All this work is starting to pay off!

Monday, July 16, 2007

As before I am giving you different views of the finished piece. I think when I crop the image tight to the piece you can't really get a feeling for it in the same way. I really wish you could see it in person because it is quite different. The colors are richer and you can really enjoy the details up close. So here are the shots.

This is just a closer detail so you can see the construction a bit more.

The last two shots are of the sequins I added last. They seem a bit much but I like the way they add another dimension to the work. I took two shots; in the first you can read what is the title of the piece, CHILDREN SHOULD BE SEEN NOT HEARD. The second is taken so you can see the reflectiveness of the sequin.

I hope you have enjoyed this long drawn out process. Next time I will spice it up a bit as I am experimenting a little. Well see what happens!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Sorry the posts stopped coming. I took a short break to go camping with the family. We spent the weekend in the West Virginia mountains. How wonderful! It was a much needed break from the norm.

I am also posting a note to all my acquaintances out there who are interested in the arts. A friend (Bridgette for all those who know her) and I will be starting a 'gathering' for all you creative minded folks out there who want to get together to share ideas. We will most likely be gathering once a month. The location and theme' of the night will vary. So, if I did not reach you by email and you are in the Richmond area, please come and enjoy an evening with us and talk about all things creative....maybe even try out some projects of some kind!

Monday, July 02, 2007


Here is a little glimpse inside my head. All these ideas and so many of them not really good. Too bright, too shiny, not big enough, to0 big, not enough volume, not balanced, more purple, less pink. All these thoughts, too little time. (I might have to hit all the Dollar stores in town to find the right sparkley things!)Anyway, enough psyco babble; thought you may enjoy seeing all the transformations without knowing what the final result will be.........yet!