Thursday, November 26, 2009


A good friend told me I must check out the December issue of Metropolitan Home the other day and much to my surprise there were "The Tudors" on many of the Metropolitan Home's Showtime House pages, both in concept and with art. If you follow my blog or my art then you would know that this came as a very pleasant surprise to me as I have been working, for the past year, on a King Henry the VIII series of him and his wives. Fun to compare how the designers and other artists have represented this same theme!

Jane Seymour, 2009, 12"x16", mixed media on canvas

Anne of Cleves, 2009, 12"x16", mixed media on canvas

Young Catherine (of Aragon), 2008, 12"x16", mixed media on canvas

King Henry, 2008, 12"x 16", mixed media on canvas

Tuesday, November 03, 2009


What are you thoughts on curators spending time in the museum galleries they curate? In a recent article in ArtNews I stumbled across a response from a museum director explaining their new policy for having curators spend some time in their "spaces". Seems like there is some controversy. My opinion, couldn't be better.