Friday, October 22, 2010

...And so we say goodbye.

It is true, I cant keep up anymore. I must say I enjoyed posting and keeping this visual/written journal both for you and for me but I am finding that I rarely post anymore. It seems it is time to say goodbye. Websites being the way they are these days, it seems I can do everything on there with more ease then on the blog. I find it quicker and easier to pass on images and information on my webpage so I am directing you all to visit me and my work on my website ALVAREZ ART. Notice, the same name, just to make things easy!

Please come visit often. It is updated much more frequently.

You can follow the links to my work at the Gallery, Art Classes- I offer after school art and portfolio development as well as some adult workshops from time to time, Blog - where you will find some of my art videos and short clips from art classes , Upcoming Events - for all the stuff I am up to and more!

So, that being said.....'til next time

Sincerely yours,
Heidi Field-Alvarez