Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Art Class - Kinetic Sculpture

I run an after school art class. I run the class a bit like an adult class would be run but, with alot of flexibility so each individual can work at their pace and in their own style. Currently my students range from 6 to 10. I usually will take students anywhere from age 4 on up to adults. The videos posted here are of a kinetic sculpture class that will run eight weeks. I believe we are on week six here. The students in this class are ages 7 to 10. I chose the type of project based on the interests of the group and then try to make as many materials available as possible. We look at many kinetic sculpture artists including Tim Hawkenson, who's work I just love. His work got them VERY excited! I will do another post of our inspiration artists but just wanted to get this one out there. Hope you enjoy. If anyone is interested in my classes you can visit ALVAREZ ART which is my website and it will give you information about my Art Classes.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Thank you to everyone for coming out to the show and supporting me in the process. I can use all the help I get :) It was a great night, tons of people and wonderful weather. A success in my book!