Thursday, July 31, 2008


This summer has been a very busy time for me. I have been working hard to get the "business" side of my art career organized. this seem to be half of what I do lately. It meant getting lots of spreadsheet ready, mailing lists, galleries and show to submit to etc. I also had to get my filing straight and systems in place for promoting and putting myself out there, including mailing portfolios to galleries. On the side, I was able to begin some new works and take a few classes to bone up on some skills. A very busy summer indeed! Check out the new photos.

A digital print before I begin to alter it. This will be only one layer in a final piece.
Some watercolors and printed fabrics laid out in order to measure for digital prints. A series based on King Henry the Eights wives.....The First "IT" girls!
This is a new experiment and I am loving it. The fabric is canvas dyed with coffee and tea and rusted. Wait to see what it becomes.
This is the above one stitched together.
Back to the watercolor and printed fabric. Now you can see I am adding another layer with embroidery. Next I will add a print (the first photo) which I will paint and stitch. Finally I will stitch the pieces together and trapunto the piece.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Thank You!

I WANTED TO THANK EVERYONE FOR COMING OUT TO MY GALLERY TALK AT ARTSPACE, RICHMOND, VA. The talk was an great experience to learn more deeply about the works at the gallery. It was great for me in terms of the feedback and questions posed about my work. I am always interested in how others perceive my work. Another benefit of these talks is meeting and talking with other artists about their work. All in all, very successful.

This past weekend I took part in Diego Sanchez's "Surface" workshop at the Virginia Museum Studio School. Once again it was fabulous. There is nothing like some seriouly concentrated work! Here are some examples of what I began. I will hopefully find some time to finish these pieces up. Thanks Diego for a fantastic class and sharing your invaluable knowledge!