Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sculpture Camp!

I cant believe it is done already. The time flew so fast I was hardly able to get photographs. Such a fun week!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

First Day of Painting Camp

Currently I offer:

SUMMER CAMP IS HERE! (for camp descriptions click here)

July 5th -8th - New Ways to Use Paint

We will explore all the possibilities of paint and paint mediums in this class. We will pour, drip, splatter, brush and whatever else their minds can imagine. As always, we will look at how artists both historical and contemporary use this medium. Come dressed to get dirty!

July 18th - 21st - Sculpting Greatness

We will be using all kinds of recycled parts and pieces to create unique sculptures. They may be large, they may be small but they will be a design created soley by the student. I will be bringing out the clock parts, plaster, nails and lots, lots more. This will be a building extravaganza!

Call now to secure your spot or use the PayPal option (for camp descriptions click here and PayPal) This immediately notifies me. First come, first serve. There will be four or five spots per week depending on ages.

Please call or email with questions! Phone: 740-9302


Tuesday class from 3:30-4:30 I supply everything needed for art class but if you want to wear clothes that can get a little messy that is always good. I run the classes in part by what the children are interested in and also trying to capture different mediums and techniques. I like to think of it as art apprenticeship. Students will learn how a working artists creates from journal to finished piece and even a bit about the process of putting work out for critique and shows. These classes are for students ages 4 - teenagers. I will group students by ages and will organize for other days if necessary.

  • Also available for portfolio consultation.

  • Adult classes and workshops are offered on occasion.

NOTE : The after school art sessions are eight weeks. Every eight weeks is a new payment installment.