Friday, February 05, 2010


Okay. lets talk about thimbles. I had to take a break from sewing because my fingers hurt a little to much to push my needle through my quilt sandwich. I am thinking the basting spray I used has made it a bit tougher so that is something I wanted to talk about. Also, I am disappointed with some of my thimbles. So here are my questions. If you have any thought about this PLEASE comment. I need some help!

1. Does basting spray make it harder to get through the layers?

2. What have you found to be the best needles to go through think layers? I seem to have on that I return to over and over. It is old! I got it from one of my grandfathers kits and have no idea what it is. It is longer then a quilting needle. Thick and very sharp. I love it because it does not bend and pierces all the layers very well but I am afraid I will loose it and want another. Suggestions?

3. I love my leather thimble but the small seems too big. It slip around. I love that it is long and hard at the tip and one side. Looking for other suggestions.


  1. Have you tried "Thimble It"? They are little sticky pads that you can stick to wherever you need them on your fingers. I think most fabric retailers sell them and you can get them online to.

  2. Hum, I think I have seen these. I might even have some hiding somewhere. This might work! Thanks so much for the thought!